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Sat Apr 14 03:06:23 AEST 1990

In article <28742 at cup.portal.com> Chewbacca at cup.portal.com (Paul Frederick Snively) writes:
> brnstnd at stealth.acf.nyu.edu writes:
> > > Also what is object oriented programming?
> > The latest name that young urban computer science types have applied to the
    [ obtw, credit to Rod Schmidt for noting the abbreviation ``Yuckies'' ]
> > old idea of adding another level of indirection to function calls.
> At best this definition is grossly naive and misinformed; at worst it is just
> plain wrong.

I stand by my definition. For fun I implemented so-called ``strictly
type-checked fully polymorphable objects with multiple inheritance'' in
C macros a few months ago. From the point of view of the macros, objects
were either another level of indirection to both function calls and
structure element accesses, or another level of indirection to just
function calls, depending whether they were compiled for space or for

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