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Steven R Gerber srg at cunixd.cc.columbia.edu
Sun Apr 15 03:28:40 AEST 1990

In article <20101.2625840B at urchin.fidonet.org> Bob.Stout at p6.f506.n106.z1.fidonet.org (Bob Stout) writes:
>In an article of <11 Apr 90 08:24:21 GMT>, mike at minster.york.ac.uk writes:
> >I agree with Peter da Silva: if it hasn't got "make", give it a miss (OK,
> >so TurboC has, but not to the UNIX standard :-)
>This is what I generally object to in the discussions to exile PC C  
>programmers to some other newsgroup. There seems to be a double standard at  
>work here. Just as PC's are not the only machines with C compilers, neither  
>are the various Unix boxes. Although I can anticipate the usual indignant hue  
>and cry whenever someone asks about int86(), I can just as easily anticipate  
>silence when questions arise about stime(), setuid(), setgid(), pipe(),  
>mount(), getpid(), etc... Just to be difficult, I've often thought about  
>posting questions about open() or ioctl() or some such function, then sitting  
>back to enjoy the back-pedalling when I answer all the helpful folks replying  
>that I was interested in the Turbo C version, not the Unix functions of the  
>same name. <wicked grin>
>I don't necessarily object to condescending OS bigots, but I would appreciate  
>a little more truth in advertising, or at least some indication that the  
>bigots are conscious of their hauteur.
>Bob (an unrepentant PC programmer who also works on Unix) Stout 

Sounds like a lot of bluster to me.  Anyway, I program on both Unix boxes and
PCs everyday.  I think I like my PC environment better.  BUT the fact is
none of the makes bundled with compilers are any good (on the PC).  The best
make available for the PC is ndmake.  Get it from your local BBS.  It's very
similar to the unix make - just ask the NetHack developement team at
Just my $0.02

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