Fixed point numeric routines.

Henry Spencer henry at utzoo.uucp
Sun Apr 8 08:38:42 AEST 1990

In article <3804NU013809 at NDSUVM1> NU013809 at NDSUVM1.BITNET (Greg Wettstein) writes:
>I assume that what I need are fixed point numeric routines which will
>handle only a finite number of decimal places of precision.  I am hoping
>that someone has some pointers to references describing such routines or
>perhaps a few snippets of C code...

If all amounts are guaranteed to be less than about $20 million, by far
the simplest method is to use `long int' and measure money in pennies.
Just because the input and output have to say `$123.45' doesn't mean you
can't store that internally as the integer `12345'.  And the best part is
that `long int' arithmetic is already provided by your compiler.
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