Using (abusing) cpp..

Basil Hashem hashem at
Thu Apr 12 05:33:22 AEST 1990

I am not sure this is the most appropriate group, but let me try.

I'm using the cpp program (the SunOS C pre-processor) for filtering some 
files which are not C programs.

I have been successful in doing #include's, #ifdef's, and #defines's. What I
need to do is pass a file such as this one through cpp.  (Don't worry
about the extra lines and comment fields.)

#define LANGUAGE English

#if (LANGUAGE == French)
#define GREETING       Bonjour
#define FAREWELL       Salut
#define GENTLEMEN      Monsieurs
#define GREETING       Good Morning
#define FAREWELL       Bye
#define GENTLEMEN      Sirs



blah blah


The results are not what is expected since cpp doesn't do the compare properly.
What I really need is a strcmp(LANGUAGE, "French") but I can't really do
that considering this is not C.

Anyone have suggestions?

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