gcc warning about sccsid[]/rcsid[] not being used

John Hascall john at iastate.edu
Mon Jul 1 00:45:00 AEST 1991

christos at theory.TC.Cornell.EDU (Christos S. Zoulas) writes:
}I compile most of my code with gcc -Wall. Unfortunately I use either sccs
}or rcs and I like to keep an sccs or rcs string as:
}#ifndef lint
}static char rcsid[] = "$Id$";
}Unfortunately there is no way I know of to tell gcc that 
}I know that this variable is not used and I don't care! How do other 
}people avoid this warning? I know that I could say:

Well, how about by using it?  Seriously, it's not a bad idea to:

       a) print it to the logfile upon startup
       b) have some (obscure) command line flag
       c) or key sequence display it

depending on what kind of program it is.

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