Portable mini-vfprintf?

Charles Hannum mycroft at kropotki.gnu.ai.mit.edu
Mon Jul 1 12:34:08 AEST 1991

In article <25767 at well.sf.ca.us> jef at well.sf.ca.us (Jef Poskanzer) writes:

> I have this large software package, pbmplus, which I would like to be
> as portable as possible.  It has a unified message and error routine
> called pm_message, which really ought to be a varargs routine.  The
> problem is doing this portably.  I can deal with varargs.h vs. stdarg.h
> easily enough, but what about the substantial minority of systems out
> there which don't have vfprintf?

This is one of my arguments for varargs in macros.  Wouldn't it be so
nice to:

  #define pm_message(f,x,...) fprintf( stderr, f, ...)

Opinions welcome, flames ignored.

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