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Ariel J. Frank uunet!CNUCE-VM.ARPA!ariel at BIMACS.BITNET
Thu Jan 28 22:00:54 AEST 1988

From: Ariel J. Frank <ariel at>

Hello John. Here is another addition to your useful 'Access to UNIX user
groups and Publications':

[ I will include it in the next posting, as well as posting it separately now.
-mod ]


P.O. Box 919
Israel, 52109
Tel: 00972-3-715770,715772
amix at bimacs.bitnet
amix at

AMIX - the Israeli UNIX user group, is a S.I.G. of the Israeli Processing
Association (IPA). AMIX has a yearly conference (next one on 4-6 July 1988)
and a yearly workshop (last one was in November).


Please ACK its receival. Thanks, Ariel Frank - AMIX Chairperson.

    Ariel J. Frank
    Deputy Chairperson
    Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Bar Ilan University
    Ramat Gan, Israel 52100
    Tel: 00972-3-5318407/8

    ariel at
    BITNET: ariel at bimacs (also F68388 at barilan)
    ARPA:   ariel%bimacs.bitnet at
    CSNET: at csnet-relay
    UUCP:   {mcvax,seismo}!humus!bimacs!ariel

Volume-Number: Volume 13, Number 11

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