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This is the first article in Volume 13 of comp.std.unix.

The USENET newsgroup comp.std.unix is also known as the ARPA Internet
mailing list std-unix at  It is for discussions of UNIX
standards, particularly of IEEE 1003, or POSIX.  The moderator is
John S. Quarterman, who is also the institutional representative of
the USENIX Association to the IEEE P1003 Portable Operating System
Interface for Computer Environments Committee (commonly known as
the UNIX Standards Committee).

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Archives may be found on  The current volume may
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over the ARPA Internet as
The previous volume may be retrieved as 
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UUCP transfer should work with, for example,
	uucp uunet!comp.std.unix/archive archive

Volumes 1-10 are filed under the former newsgroup name, mod.std.unix,
as ~ftp/pub/mod.std.unix.v1, ~ftp/pub/mod.std.unix.v2, etc., through
~ftp/pub/mod.std.unix.v10.  Volume 3 contains the AT&T public domain
getopt(3).  Volume 10 is a special index volume that catalogs Volumes 1-9.

These volumes are strictly for administrative convenience.
Paper copies of them get delivered to the P1003 committee chair
from time to time and several members of the committee follow
the newsgroup on-line.

Finally, remember that any remarks by any committee member (especially
including me) in this newsgroup do not represent any position (including
any draft, proposed or actual, of a standard) of the committee as a
whole or of any subcommittee unless explicitly stated otherwise
in such remarks.

UNIX is a Registered Trademark of AT&T.
POSIX is a Trademark of IEEE.
IEEE is a Trademark of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
	Engineers, Inc.

Volume-Number: Volume 13, Number 1

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