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Hello and how are you ? I found a (may be) serious incorrectness in the most 
recent "Access to UNIX User Group and Publications" article. 

	Subject: Access to UNIX User Groups and Publications
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JUS office TEL phone No. was incorrect...
I made it correct and added information quite a bit.

Tohru NISHIMURA (one of JUS bod)


The Japan UNIX Society has two meetings a year, and a newsletter.

		Japan UNIX Society (JUS)
		#505 Towa-Hanzomon Corp. Bldg.
		2-12 Hayabusa-cho
		Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102
		bod%jus.junet at

1988 Nov 10-11	UNIX Symposium	Osaka, Japan
1988 Dec 17-18  UNIX FAIR '88   Tokyo, Japan

Volume-Number: Volume 14, Number 25

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