An update on UNIX Standards Activities

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Mon Sep 5 11:55:17 AEST 1988

From: uunet!sysadm!bjorn

>> New POSIX Work Items
>> System Administration
>> Consequently,  a  PAR was filed by Steve Carter of Bellcore,
>> and the new working group will start meeting in October.
>Is there any way to get further information about this group, and
>its work?

[ Steve Carter can apparently be reached as


and it is possible that slc2 at may also work.
I have sent him a request for details to post to comp.std.unix.
My understanding is that there will be a brief meeting of the
new subcommittee at the Hawaii 1003 meeting (end of October),
but that real work probably won't commence until next year.

See also the announcement of the USENIX Large System Installation
Administration Workshop in November.  -mod ]

Volume-Number: Volume 15, Number 6

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