Workshop on Large Installation Systems Administration

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Folks, note the deadline for submissions is September 15!!!  Keep those cards
and letters coming!          - Alix

                       Call for Papers
         Workshop on Large Installation Systems Administration

                       Monterey, California
                       November 17-18, 1988

               Sponsored by the USENIX Association

In light of last year's successful workshop on Large Installation
Systems Administration, Alix Vasilatos will again be chairing a workshop
on this subject in Monterey, CA on Thursday and Friday, November 17th
and 18th, 1988.  There is demonstrable benefit in bringing together
system administrators of sites with 100 or more users (on one or more
processors) to compare notes on solutions that they have found for a
variety of common problems.  These include but are not limited to:

          Large file systems (dumps, networked file systems)
          Password file administration
          Large mail system administration
          USENET/News/Notes administration
          Heterogeneous environments (mixed vendor and/or version)
          Load control and batch systems
          Monitoring tools
          Software release to multiple systems
          Output device management

We are particularly interested in technical solutions to problems 
involving changes which directly affect users.  

The workshop will focus on short papers and presentations.  Please
submit (electronically, to alix at athena.MIT.EDU) a one or two page
single-spaced summary describing the solution to a problem.  Include
a description of the unique characteristics of the site, an outline
of the problem, and a description of the solution (detailed enough
that fellow administrators can implement it).  Workshop proceedings 
will be available at the workshop.

The deadline for submissions is September 15, 1988.  For further details
about the workshop, contact:

          Alix Vasilatos
          MIT Project Athena
          1 Amherst Street
          Cambridge, MA  02139

          alix at athena.MIT.EDU


For further details about registration, contact:

          USENIX Conference Office
          P.O. Box 385
          Sunset Beach, CA  90742



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