POSIX FIPS approved

Roger Martin rmartin at swe.icst.nbs.gov
Fri Sep 2 06:29:27 AEST 1988

From: Martin <uunet!hpda!amdahl!swe!martin>

               IT'S A FIPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 31, 1988

I am at long last pleased to announce that the Federal
Information Processing Standard (FIPS) for POSIX has been
officially approved!  The official notice will appear in the
Federal Register within the next few days, but as of today,
August 31, 1988, POSIX is an approved Federal standard.

        Federal Information Processing Standard


    Portable Operating System for Computer Environments

For additional information on the FIPS or the NBS POSIX
Conformance Test Suite, contact Roger Martin.

NOTE:   Effective August 23, 1988 the name of the National
        Bureau of Standards was changed.  My new mailing
        address is:

        Roger J. Martin
        National Institute of Standards and Technology
        Technology Building, Room B266
        Gaithersburg, MD 20899

        phone:  301-975-3295
        e-mail:  rmartin at swe.icst.nbs.gov

Volume-Number: Volume 15, Number 5

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