Submission for "Access to UNIX User Groups and Publications"

Moderator, John S. Quarterman std-unix at longway.TIC.COM
Sat Sep 17 05:16:19 AEST 1988

From: David Fiedler <uunet!infopro!david>

Dear John,

We just started a new publication called root. I would greatly appreciate
it if you would include information about it in your next posting. Edit
the attached press release as much as you feel is necessary...

Thanks in advance!

David Fiedler {ames,attmail,hoptoad,pyramid}!infopro!david
USMail: InfoPro Systems, PO Box 220, Rescue CA 95672 Phone: 916/677-5870

[ As requested, this posting has been edited to death, down to the
usual length for a publication notice in my usual publications posting,
except I have left in the Special USENET Discount paragraph.

I suggest that interested parties write to the given address
for the unedited press release.  -mod ]
	InfoPro Systems
	PO Box 220
	CA 95672-0220
	Telex: 151296379 INFOPRO
	fax: 916-622-9642

                     Special USENET Discount

The normal price of a one-year subscription to root will be $72.
An introductory price of $28 will be made available to subscribers who
mention this USENET posting. This will be the lowest price available
anywhere. The first issue of root will be available by the end of 1988,
and probably at the Monterey Usenix workshop in November.

[ This apparently refers to the USENIX Large System Installation
Workshop II, 17-18 November, Monterey, CA, alix at  -mod ]

Volume-Number: Volume 15, Number 13

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