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Sun Oct 15 09:45:35 AEST 1989

From: kre at (Robert Elz)

In article <401 at longway.TIC.COM>, gwyn at BRL.MIL quotes someone:
> >1) my code be written in C
> >2) the use of graphics
> >3) that the final version be
> >    a) UNIX-based
> >    b) portable to ALL UNIX SYSTEMS

and then says ..

> Wow, taken literally this would be EXTREMELY TOUGH.

No, taken literally, this would be very easy.  Written in
C is no problem.  Unix based is no problem, portable to
all unix systems is easy if the result is simple enough.

Graphics seems to be the complication, but remember, that "literally"
characters are graphics, so why not try submitting ...

		printf("Hello world\n");

which I believe literally meets all the (stated) requirements.


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