Standards Update on IEEE 1003 July San Jose meeting

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Sat Oct 21 06:52:07 AEST 1989

From: John S. Quarterman <jsq at>

This is the first posting in the set of articles about the July 1989
IEEE 1003.1 meeting in San Jose, California (not about the Brussels
meeting going on this week).  My apologies for not having posted them
when they arrived a couple of weeks ago.  Work and earthquakes and such
shouldn't be an excuse.

Here is a list of 1003 subcommittees:

	1003.0	POSIX Guide
*	1003.1	Systems Interface
*	1003.2	Shell and Tools Interface
	1003.3	Verification and Testing
	1003.4	Real Time 
	1003.5	Ada Binding for POSIX
	1003.6	Security
	1003.7	System Administration
	1003.8	Distributed Services
*	1003.9	Fortran Bindings
*	1003.10	Supercomputing
	1003.11	Transaction Processing
*	1201	Interfaces for User Portability

* No report.

We really need somebody to snitch on 1003.2, the shell and tools group,
since it's the next one that's likely to produce a final standard.
Perhaps someone who goes to that committee's meetings could volunteer?

As the report editor, Jeffrey S. Haemer, says:
	This is more reports than we posted last time, but I still don't 
	have a full set.  One of my goals for Brussels is to establish a 
	working snitch for each group.

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