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> Corrections and additions to this article are solicited.


     Here's another mag for you (I'm the technical editor):

	Multi-User Journal
	Owens-Laing Publications, Ltd.
	P.O. Box 2409
	Redmond, WA  98073-2409
	+1 206 868 0913

	Quarterly, mostly Sys V-related.  They also publish the
	_3B Journal_ addendum, specializing in the AT&T 3B family.


Stephen J. Friedl / V-Systems, Inc.  /  Santa Ana, CA  / +1 714 545 6442 
3B2-kind-of-guy   / {attmail uunet}!vsi!{bang!}friedl  /  friedl at

"Realize the Performance Potential of COBOL" - article in IEEE Software, Sep89

Volume-Number: Volume 17, Number 27

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