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Fri Oct 20 02:19:56 AEST 1989

From: uunet!munnari!!kre (Robert Elz)

> From: uunet!!dg-rtp!meissner (Michael Meissner)
> |  In article <401 at longway.TIC.COM>, gwyn at BRL.MIL quotes someone:
> |  > >1) my code be written in C
> |  > >    b) portable to ALL UNIX SYSTEMS

> You still lose.  Under ANSI C the above program is not valid, since
> printf is a varargs function that has no prototype in scope.

Nowhere does it mention ANSI C.  What's more, its clearly impossible
to meet the requirements if ANSI C is required, since not ALL
Unix systems have ANSI C compilers...

> While we are at it, main should return a valid exit status.

No quibbles there, though its not needed for the program to run.

> 	#include <stdio.h>

You just blew it away, it was no accident that I didn't
include stdio.h .. 6th edition unix (v6) and previous
had no stdio.h (until the 6th edition stdio upgrade).

Your program no longer runs (even compiles) on ALL versions
of unix.

And OK, I admit it, neither does mine, since I don't think there ever
was a C compiler for 1st edition (PDP-7) unix.  If you want to get
this technical (and I see no reason not to, given the absurd requirements
laid out by the professor who set this assignment) there is truly
no possible solution.


Volume-Number: Volume 17, Number 35

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