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In article <402 at longway.TIC.COM> kre at (Robert Elz) writes:

|  In article <401 at longway.TIC.COM>, gwyn at BRL.MIL quotes someone:
|  > >1) my code be written in C
|  > >2) the use of graphics
|  > >3) that the final version be
|  > >    a) UNIX-based
|  > >    b) portable to ALL UNIX SYSTEMS
|  and then says ..
|  > Wow, taken literally this would be EXTREMELY TOUGH.
|  No, taken literally, this would be very easy.  Written in
|  C is no problem.  Unix based is no problem, portable to
|  all unix systems is easy if the result is simple enough.
|  Graphics seems to be the complication, but remember, that "literally"
|  characters are graphics, so why not try submitting ...
|  	main()
|  	{
|  		printf("Hello world\n");
|  	}
|  which I believe literally meets all the (stated) requirements.

You still lose.  Under ANSI C the above program is not valid, since
printf is a varargs function that has no prototype in scope.  While we
are at it, main should return a valid exit status.  Ok, the revised
program is:

	#include <stdio.h>

		printf("Hello world\n");
		return 0;

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