Standards Update, IEEE 1003.3: Test Methods

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>            An Update on UNIX* and C Standards Activities
>                             January 1990
>                 USENIX Standards Watchdog Committee
>                   Jeffrey S. Haemer, Report Editor
>IEEE 1003.3: Test Methods Update
> ...
>Each day was divided into two sessions: mornings, we did technical
>review of parts I and II, afternoons were spent writing assertions for
>part III.  AT&T, NIST, OSF, Mindcraft, IBM, DEC, HP, Data General,
>Cray Research, Unisys, Perennial and Unisoft Ltd.  were represented.
>[Editor's complaint: I see no user representation at all.]

On the contrary, most of these organizations _are_ users--of the test
suites to be produced.  How do you define "user", anyway?  If you mean
application developers who work in small companies, maybe you should
say "ISV".  If you mean people who don't develop software, but use
POSIX systems purely for services such as timesharing, office automation,
or vertical applications, I can easily imagine why their management
doesn't send them to POSIX.3 meetings or why they don't take vacation
time to go on their own.  But they can still be in the balloting group
if they are interested.

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