POSIX tools list?

John S. Quarterman jsq at usenix.org
Fri Aug 17 05:47:18 AEST 1990

From: jsq at usenix.org (John S. Quarterman)

In article <435 at usenix.ORG> From: willcox at urbana.mcd.mot.com (David A Willcox)
>I'm not sure how these responses got into the newsgroup.  I intended
>to send my original response directly to the guy who asked for a list
>of utilities.  I didn't think I was posting it to the world.  Ah, well.

A while back, there was a chronic problem with people on the mailing list,
	std-unix at uunet.uu.net
not being able to figure out how to post messages or to send comments
to the moderator.  There were cases of people replying to the original
submittor in attempts to unsubscribe.  So I added a
	Reply-To: std-unix at uunet.uu.net
line to force replies back to the list submission address.  This worked
fine for quite a while.

While I was gone last week, there was a spate of people reading the newsgroup,
and attempting to respond to the submittor of an article.  Their messages
got sent to the moderator, because of the Reply-To: line.  This has
occasionally happened before, but there were many more than usual last
week, and the guest moderator wasn't expecting them.

So, I'm going to try separating the headers in the mailing list and in
the newsgroup.  I've already removed the
	Reply-To: std-unix at uunet.uu.net
line from the newsgroup articles, and am adding a hack to put it back
in the mailing list as it's gatewayed from the newsgroup.  We'll see
how that works.  I predict somebody will complain....

John S. Quarterman, moderator, comp.std.unix and std-unix at uunet.uu.net

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