Are POSIX documents available for ftp from somewhere?

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> On 24 Aug 90 05:49:57 GMT, khb at Eng.Sun.COM (Keith Bierman - SPD Advanced Languages) said:
Keith> In the X3 world the reason is painfully clear, money. X3 relies on the
Keith> revenues generated by selling copies of the standard to finance its
Keith> operations (this information is a fallout of numerous arguments
Keith> between x3j3 members and x3; I cannot vouch that it is true, but it
Keith> was/is certainly the reason copies of the x3j3 draft are ftpable)

Then how about making periodic releases of all ANSI (IEEE, etc.) standards
and current drafts on CD ROMs?  Of couse, then we'd have to create a new
committee to define the cross index and search/retrieval data interface.  ;^)

Seriously, this would allow us to create platform independent CD ROMs.
Machine dependent retrieval software often is included on CD ROMS due to
lack of said standards.

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