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Access information is given in this article for the following:
	Hannover Fair CeBIT
	ACE Interop

Telephone numbers are given in international format, i.e., +n at
the beginning for the country code, e.g., +44 is England, +81 Japan,
+82 Korea, +61 Australia, +64 New Zealand, and +1 is U.S.A. or Canada.

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The ACM SIGCOMM Symposium is held annually in the summer by the
Special Interest Group on Communications (SIGCOMM) of the
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

	Association for Computing Machinery
	11 West 42nd Street
	New York, NY 10036

	David Farber
	Tel: +1 215 898 9508

	Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
	& Information Systems Dept.
	University of Pennsylvania
	200 South Bend
	33rd St.
	Philadelphia, PA  19104-6389

1990 Sep 24-26	SIGCOMM 90 C	ACM, Philladelphia, PA


The International Council for Computer Communication will be holding the
Tenth International Conference on Computer Communication. Topics discussed 
will include all aspects of  computer communication, including technical,
scientific,  social,  policy  making, business and legal aspects.

        S. Ramani
        Chairman, Programme Committee, ICCC-90
        National Centre for Software Technology
        Gulmohar Cross Road No. 9            
        Bombay 400 049, INDIA                

        Phone: +91 22 6200590 or +91 22 6201606
        Telex: +81 11 8260 NCST IN
        E_mail: iccc90%shakti at OR iccc90 at

1990 Nov 5-9	10th Internat'l Computer Comm. Conference  New Delhi, India


An International Conference on Information Network and Data Communication
(INDC) is held annually in the spring by the International Federation for
Information Processing Technical Committee 6 (IFIP-TC6)

1992 Mar	INDC '92	IFIP TC6, Finland		


IFIP TC 6 WG 6 on Network Management with the IEEE Communications Society/CNOM
will be sponsoring a workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations &

For more information contact:
    Wolfgang Zimmer     or      Branislav Meandzija
    GMD-FIRST                   Department of Computer Science
    Hardenbergplatz 2           University of California
    D-1000 Berlin 12            Riverside, CA 92521-0135
    West Germany                U.S.A

1990 Oct 22-23	Distributed Sys: Operations & Mgmt. W	
					IFIP WG 6, IEEE, Berlin, Germany


IFIP Working Group 6.5 (WG 6.5) holds an annual fall
International Working Conference on Message Handling Systems
and Distributed Applications in conjunction with IFIP-TC6.

1990 Oct 3-5	Internat'l Symposium on Message Handling Systems
		& Application Layer Communication Protocols	
					IFIP WG 6.5, Zurich, Switerland


IFIP TC 6 WG 6 with the IEEE Communications Society/CNOM will be sponsoring 
the Second International Symposium on Integrated Network Management.

For information contact:

    Dr. Iyengar  Krishnan		Mr. Wolfgang Zimmer
    Program Co-Chair			Program Co-Chair
    The MITRE Corporation, W425		GMD-FIRST, Hardenbergplatz 2
    7525 Colshire Drive			D-1000 Berlin-12
    McLean, VA 22102 			West Germany
1991 Apr 1-5	Integrated Net. Man. S	IFIP WG 6.6, IEEE, Arlington, VA


Advanced Computing Environments (ACE) presents a TCP/IP conference,
with technical sessions, tutorials and a vendor exhibition,
in the fall of each year.

	Advanced Computing Environments
	480 San Antonio Road, Suite 100
	Mountain View, CA  94040
	+1-415-941-3399, ext. 734

1990 Oct 8-12	INTEROP	ACE, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA

Hannover Fair CeBIT

There is a large annual spring vendor exhibit in Hannover, Germany
that has a marked networking component.

	Hannover Fairs USA Inc.
	103 Carnegie Center
	Princeton NJ 08540

1991 Mar 13-20	CeBIT 91	Hannover, Germany
1992 Mar 11-18	CeBIT 92	Hannover, Germany
1993 Mar 24-31	CeBIT 93	Hannover, Germany
1994 Mar 16-23	CeBIT 94	Hannover, Germany


The International Symposium on Telecommunications in Education (ISTE)
is held annually in the summer by the International Council for Computers
in Education (ICCE).


The Electronic Networking Association (ENA) holds an annual spring
conference on uses of conferencing systems and networks.
Unlike most conferences related to networking, this one is
organised by the users, and most of the users involved
use conferencing systems, not academic networks.

	Nan Hanahue
	+1 215-821-7777
	hanahue at

	Electronic Networking Association
	c/o Executive Technology Associates, Inc.
	2744 Washington Street
	Allentown, PA  18104-4225

1991 May 30-Jun 2	Annual C	ENA, Seattle, WA

IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)

The IETF is a task force of the IAB (Internet Activities Board).
They hold meetings four times per year. Most meetings have
working group breakout sessions, working group status reports, and
technical presentations. Working groups handle activities like
routing, domains, performance, and network management.

1990 Dec 4-7	IETF	IAB, U. Colorado, Boulder, CO
1991 Mar	IETF	IAB, Wash. U, St. Louis, MO (tentative)


Nordunet 90, the eleventh Nordic Conference on Computer networks for
research will be held at Scanticon Borupgaard, Elsinore, Denmark.

Conference secretariat:

	 c/o Nete Pind
	 DTH, building 305                
	 DK 2800 Lyngby                 
	 barnp at
	 Tel: +45 45938355
	 Fax: +45 45930220

1990 Oct 8-10	Nordunet 90	Elsinore, Denmark

Volume-Number: Volume 21, Number 17

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