POSIX tools list?

Doug Gwyn gwyn at smoke.brl.mil
Wed Aug 15 23:12:03 AEST 1990

From:  Doug Gwyn <gwyn at smoke.brl.mil>

In article <11187 at cs.utexas.edu> From:  mwette at csi.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Matt Wette)
>I didn't see "ld" in your posting  Did you forget it or is there really
>no POSIX spec for "ld".   If there is, I would be interested to know if
>"ld -A" (loading to an executing program) will be in the spec.

I sure hope not!  It would be really dumb for POSIX to specify facilities
that run so much against existing practice that the ability to implement
them is in doubt.

Volume-Number: Volume 21, Number 33

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