is struct utimbuf in the standard sys/types.h?

Guy Harris guy at auspex.uucp
Mon Aug 6 04:11:29 AEST 1990

Submitted-From: auspex!guy at uunet.UU.NET (Guy Harris)
From:  guy at auspex.uucp (Guy Harris)

>   In this case, without the header, one of AT&T-derived or Berkeley-derived
>   systems would have "lost".

Actually, BSD being an AT&T-derived system, things aren't that bad.

BSD still has the original V7-flavored "utime()" call, with the second
argument a pointer to the first element of an array of 2 "time_t"s
(that's right, "utime()" in BSD has no microseconds-field support). 

Somewhere in the "USG UNIX" chain, the structure was introduced; on most
systems, the structure has the same memory layout as the array.

4.2BSD introduced a call named "utimes()" - note the "s" - that takes a
pointer to an array of 2 "struct timeval"s; that's the call that
supports microseconds fields.  Too bad the 88Open folks didn't pay
attention to this, and just called their call that supported
microseconds fields "utime()".... 

Volume-Number: Volume 21, Number 12

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