Question about atexit()

Doug Gwyn gwyn at
Tue Aug 28 13:44:10 AEST 1990

From:  Doug Gwyn <gwyn at>

In article <466 at usenix.ORG> karish at mindcrf.uucp (Chuck Karish) writes:
>>Doug Gwyn is right: specify the Standard C conformant option to POSIX
>>(or simply specify Standard C) and you'll get atexit(). 
>I disagree.  Certainly if the customer specifies that a full
>implementation of standard C be part of the package, it will be
>present, but POSIX.1 doesn't require this.

And indeed I did NOT say what Donn's paraphrase suggests.
I said that if you need atexit() you should specify conformance
to the C standard (as well as any POSIX conformance that you need).

Volume-Number: Volume 21, Number 66

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