Silly Argument (was POSIX standards via FTP)

Don_Lewine at Don_Lewine at
Mon Aug 27 23:20:36 AEST 1990

From:  Don_Lewine at

The argument about altered standards is just plain silly.  Given a 
monetary incentive, I can have the whole standard rekeyed.  Given 
the OCR equipment I have in my office, I can scan the whole document 
at fairly low cost.
What I want I timely access to the latest draft standards.  It would 
be nice if this was cheaper than NALPS, but my main motivation is 
*timely*.  If I suddenly need a draft of POSIX.7, or an old draft of 
POSIX.2, it would be nice to get it at FTP speeds.

Volume-Number: Volume 21, Number 62

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