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This is a combined calendar of planned conferences, workshops, or standards
meetings related to the UNIX operating system.

If your favorite meeting is not listed, it's probably because we don't know
about it.  If you send me <sws at> information on it, we will
probably list it both here and in the appropriate one of the companion
        Access to UNIX User Groups
        Access to UNIX-Related Networking
        Access to UNIX-Related Publications
        Access to UNIX-Related Standards

These access postings are collected and posted by Susanne W. Smith of
Windsound Consulting <sws at> and were originated by John S.
Quarterman of Texas Internet Consulting <jsq at>.  The information
comes from the various conference organizers, Alain Williams (EUUG),
;login:, Communications of the ACM, CommUNIXations, and many others. We
encourage others to reuse this information, but we ask for proper
acknowledgment, for example by including this statement.

Changes since last posting: Numerous additions

          APP   Application Portability Profile
            C   Conference or Center
           CC   Computer Communication
        G, MD   Gaithersburg, Maryland
         LISA   Large Installation System Administration
          MHS   Message Handling Systems & Application Layer Communication
          OSE   Open Systems Environment
            S   Symposium
        SEDMS   Symposium on Experiences with Distributed and Multiprocessor
            T   Tradeshow
            U   UNIX
           UG   User Group
            W   Workshop

USENIX, UniForum, EUUG, AUUG, and DECUS sponsor conferences of the same

UNIX is a Registered Trademark of AT&T Bell Laboratories.

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90/07/30 pg. 2        Calendar of UNIX-Related Events         comp.std.unix

year mon days     conference                      (sponsor,) (hotel,) location
1990 Aug 20-23    Interex C                       Interex, Boston, MA
1990 Aug 27-28    U Security W                    USENIX, Portland, OR
1990 Sept 3-7     DECUS Europe S                  Cannes, France
1990 Sept 4-6     GUUG C                          Wiesbaden, Germany
1990 Sept 5-6     MidWest UC                      michigan!/usr/group, Dearborn, MI
1990 Sept 6       POSIX W                         NIST, G, MD
1990 Sept 10-12   UNIX Based Applications C       TRUUG, Istanbul, Turkey
1990 Sep 24-26    SIGCOMM 90 C                    ACM, Philladelphia, PA
1990 Sep 25-28    AUUG C                          World Congress Centre, Melbourne, Australia
1990 Oct 3-5      Internat'l S of MHS             IFIP, Zurich, Switzerland
1990 Oct 4-5      Mach W                          USENIX, Burlington, VT
1990 Oct 8-12     InterOp 90                      ACE, San Jose, CA
1990 Oct 8-10     Nordunet 90                     Elsinore, Denmark
1990 Oct 15-19    IEEE 1003                       Westin, Seattle, WA
1990 Oct 15-19    UUGA C                          Vienna, Austria
1990 Oct 17-19    LISA W                          USENIX, Colorado Springs, CO
1990 Oct 22-23    Dist. Sys: Operations & Mgmt. W IFIP, IEEE, Berlin, Germany
1990 Oct 22-25    IPA C                           Jerusalem, Israel
1990 Oct 22-26    EUUG                            Nice, France
1990 Oct 23-26    ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 WG15          Seattle, WA
1990 Oct 25-26    UNIX C                          NCR UUG, Columbia, SC
1990 Oct 28-30    UNIX C                          FNUG, Raleigh, SC
1990 Oct 29-Nov 2 SUUG                            SUUG & MCNTI, Moscow, U.S.S.R.
1990 Oct 31-Nov 2 UNIX EXPO                       New York, NY
1990 Nov 1        Open Systems C                  NLUUG, Ede, Netherlands
1990 Nov 5-9      10th Int'l C on CC              ICCC, New Delhi, India
1990 Nov 7-9      U al Castello C                 i2u,  Naples, Italy
1990 Nov 14-16    UNIX EXPO '90                   UniForum Swedish, Stockholm, Sweden
1990 Nov 15       APP/OSE Users Forum             NIST, G, MD
1990 Nov 15-16    16th JUS S                      JUS, Osaka, Japan
1990 Dec 2-5      Sun User Group                  San Jose, CA
1990 Dec 4-5      JUS UNIX Fair '90               JUS, Tokyo, Japan
1990 Dec 4-7      IETF                            IAB, U. Colorado, Boulder, CO
1990 Dec 10-12    Unix Asia '90 C                 Sinix, Singapore
1990 Dec 10-14    DECUS S                         Las Vegas, NV
1990 Dec 13-16    Unix Pavilion '90 T             Sinix, Singapore
1990 Dec 17-19    UKUUG C                         Cambridge, UK

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90/07/30 pg. 3        Calendar of UNIX-Related Events         comp.std.unix

1991 Jan 7-11     IEEE 1003                   Intercontinental, New Orleans, LA
1991 Jan 16-17    Multi-User C Show for Gov't UniForum Canada, Ottawa, ON
1991 Jan 16-18    Software Dev. Env. W        USENIX & SIGMA Dallas, TX
1991 Jan 21-25    USENIX                      Grand Kempinski, Dallas, TX
1991 Jan 21-24    UniForum                    Infomart, Dallas, TX
1991 Feb 18-22    DECUS S                     Ottawa, Canada
1991 Mar          IETF                        IAB, Wash. U, St. Louis, MO (tentative)
1991 Mar 13-20    CeBIT 91                    Hannover, Germany
1991 Mar 21-22    SEDMS                       USENIX, SERC, IEEE, Atlanta, GA
1991 Mar 26-29    AFUU C                      CNET Paris La Defense, France
1991 Apr 1-5      Integrated Net. Man. S      IFIP, IEEE, Arlington, VA
1991 Apr 15-19    IEEE 1003                   Swissotel, Chicago, IL
1991 Apr 22-26    ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 WG15      Netherlands
1991 Apr 22-26    DECUS Muenchen S            Hannover, West-Germany
1991 May 6-10     DECUS S                     Atlanta, GA
1991 May 9        APP/OSE Users Forum         NIST, G, MD
1991 May 15-17    Multi-User C Show           UniForum Canada, Toronto, ON
1991 May 15-17    C on Computer Workstations  IEEE TCOS, Falmouth, MA
1991 May 20-24    EUUG                        Tromso, Norway
1991 May 29-Jun 2 ENA C                       Seattle, WA
1991 Jun 10-14    USENIX                      Opryland, Nashville, TN
1991 Jul 15-17    UKUUG C                     Liverpool, UK
1991 Jun 17-19    Sun User Group              Atlanta, GA
1991 Jul 8-12     IEEE 1003                   Santa Clara, CA (location tentative)
1991 Sept 10-12   European Sun User Group CT  Birmingham, UK
1991 Sep 16-20    EUUG                        Budapest, Hungary
1991 Oct          ISO/IEC SC22 WG15           Sweden
1991 Oct 10-11    Multi-User C Show           UniForum Canada, Montreal, Quebec
1991 Oct 21-25    IEEE 1003                   Montreal, PQ (location tentative)
1991 Nov 14       APP/OSE Users Forum         NIST, G, MD
1991 Dec          UKUUG C                     Edinburgh, UK
1991 Dec 9-11     Sun User Group              San Jose, CA
1991 Dec 9-13     DECUS S                     Anaheim, CA

1992 Jan 13-17    IEEE 1003            Orlando, FL (location tentative)
1992 Jan 20-24    USENIX               Hilton Square, San Francisco, CA
1992 Jan 20-23    UniForum             Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
1992 Spring       EUUG                 Jersey, U.K.
1992 Mar 11-18    CeBIT 92             Hannover, Germany
1992 Apr          ISO/IEC SC22 WG15    Denmark
1992 Apr 20-24    IEEE 1003            Scottsdale, AZ (location tentative)
1992 May 4-8      DECUS S              Atlanta, GA
1992 Jun 8-12     USENIX               Marriott, San Antonio, TX
1992 Jun 22-24    Sun User Group       Washington, DC
1992 Jul 13-17    IEEE 1003            (location to be determined)
1992 Autumn       EUUG                 Amsterdam, Netherlands
1992 Oct 19-23    IEEE 1003            Southern Europe (location tentative)

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90/07/30 pg. 4        Calendar of UNIX-Related Events         comp.std.unix

1993 Jan          USENIX               Town & Country, San Diego, CA
1993 Mar 15-18    UniForum             Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
1993 Mar 24-31    CeBIT 93             Hannover, Germany
1993 Jun 21-25    USENIX               Cincinnati, OH

1994 Feb 7-10     UniForum             Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX
1994 Mar 16-23    CeBIT 94             Hannover, Germany
1994 Jun          USENIX               Boston, MA
1995 Mar 6-9      UniForum             Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX
1996 Mar 11-14    UniForum             Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
1997 Mar 10-13    UniForum             Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

ACE     - Advanced Computing Environments
ACM     - Association for Computing Machinery
AFUU    - The Association Franc,aise des Utilisateurs d'UNIX
AUUG    - The Australian UNIX systems Users Group
DECUS   - The Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
EUUG    - European UNIX systems User Group
FNUG    - Federation of NCR User Groups
GUUG    - The German UNIX Systems User Group
IEEE    - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF    - Internet Engineering Task Force
Interex - The International Association of Hewlett-Packard Computer Users
JUS     - Japan UNIX Society
MCNTI   - Moscow International Center of Science and Technical Information
NCR UUG - NCR UNIX User Group, Inc.
NIST    - The National Institute of Standards and Technology
NLUUG   - The Netherlands UNIX Users Group
NSF     - National Science Foundation
SAB     - Standards Activities Board
SERC    - NSF/Purdue/Forida Software Engineering Research Center
SUUG    - Soviet UNIX Users' Group
Sinix   - The Singapore UNIX Association
UKUUG   - The United Kingdom Unix systems Users' Group
USENIX  - The Professional and Technical UNIX Association
UniForum - The International Association of UNIX Systems Users

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