is struct utimbuf in the standard sys/types.h?

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Sat Aug 4 01:01:44 AEST 1990

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I apologize for some inaccuracy in my previous article.  As I've not
yet managed to get my boss to get a copy of 1003.1 for the office,
I was relying on my Release 1.1 Binary Compatibility Standard from
the 88open Consortium Ltd.  That document shows the microsecond
elements included in the structure.  According to another posting
in this group, it seems that adding such items, although of questionable
desirability, is allowed and not mandated by 1003.1 and is no longer
allowed in the 1990 revision.  I wonder what happens to the 88open
BCS, when it is no longer compliant with 1003?  BTW, I also happened
to check my SVID, Issue 2, Volume 1, page 144.  It says that utimbuf
must have just the two time_t values.
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