Control characters in the shell

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From: Maarten Litmaath <uunet!!maart>

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	karl at IMA.IMA.ISC.COM (Karl Heuer) writes:
)Proposal: Reserve $\ (dollar-backslash) as a new entity that begins a C-like
)escape, so we would have $\a $\b $\t $\n $\v $\f $\r, octal escapes like
)$\177, and hex escapes like $\x7F.
)Alternative proposal (from a suggestion by Eric Gisin, eric at make a
)new string quoting mechanism, $"...", which is just like "..." except that, in
)addition to the four current backslash escapes \$ \` \" \\ that are permitted
)inside double quotes, all the C-like escapes \a etc. would be recognized.

Good idea!
But why not allow *both* syntaxes?  The first would be a simple form of
the second:


...just like:


When you only want a single control character, you'd use the first form,
when you want some escape codes in a row (possibly containing `normal'
characters as well), you'd use the second form.
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