extending 1003.1 to include sym links

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Thu Mar 22 06:11:34 AEST 1990

From: Donn Terry <uunet!hpfcrn.fc.hp.com!donn>

>From: andrew at alice.uucp (Andrew Hume)

>the posix 1003.1 standard has cleverly evaded naming of bits
>in the mode field of the stat structure. it does this by
>defining tests (like S_ISDIR(mode) rather than (mode&S_IFMT)==S_IFDIR).
>the question is, how do people deal with sym links? I simply
>added a S_ISLNK macro but would prefer to go with the flow
>if there is one.

This is exactly the kind of thing that is being done in 1003.1b, where
symbolic links are being addressed.  The current draft even uses the
same spelling you do.

Donn Terry
(NOT speaking in any official way) Chair of 1003.1

Volume-Number: Volume 19, Number 16

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