extending 1003.1 to include sym links

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From: Ronald Guilmette <uunet!ics.UCI.EDU!rfg>

In article <586 at longway.TIC.COM> Clive Feather <uunet!relay.EU.net!ixi!clive> writes:
>The functions that operate on links rather than the file pointed to are:
>    lstat() readlink() rename() remove() rmdir() symlink() unlink()
>The effects of the following functions form an open issue:
>    chown() chmod() link() utime()

Those may be an "open issue" as far as POSIX is concerned, but I call them
an "open wound" as far as actual UNIX implementations are concerned.

I get unhappy each time I need to do something like an lchmod() and
realize (again) that there is no such thing.  Sigh :-(

// rfg

Volume-Number: Volume 19, Number 19

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