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>In article <14137 at> arnold at writes:
>> 	nohup join <(prog1) <(prog2) > joined-output-of-progs-1-and-2 &
>> and then log out?  The temporary fifos will still be around when the
>> program finally exits and the shell won't be around to clean them up.

In article <14175 at> you write:
>Submitted-by: peter at (Peter da Silva)
>You'd have to nohup the whole thing in either case because you'll clobber
>prog1 and prog2 when you log out. So this is a non-problem.

I didn't think about that, but it's still a problem.  Consider:

	nohup join <(nohup prog1) <(nohup prog2) > joined-output &

I admit to the feasibility of using temporary fifos for process substitution.
It is more work than /dev/fd, but doable.  /dev/fd, though, does make the
whole thing much cleaner.  And it still provides things like

	$ ln -s /dev/stdin foo.c
	$ cc foo.c
	main () { printf("hello, world\n");
	$ a.out
	hello, world

I'm not on a crusade here or anything --- I simply think /dev/fd is a neat
idea and I'd like to see it become commonplace.  I don't know how much more
there is to say on the subject...
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