Where to find POSIX standards documents.

J. Gabriel Foster foster at boulder.uucp
Fri Sep 28 10:35:34 AEST 1990

Submitted-by: foster at boulder.uucp (J. Gabriel Foster)

	Sorry to break in on a very technical discussion, but I need a good
	document on how to conform to the POSIX standard system calls.

	I'm working on a software project in which we are required to
	conform to POSIX, yet I can't seem to find out where there is
	a good POSIX document.

	Please reply via e-mail if possible, (Just to reduce net overload :-)

Thank you for your attention,
	--> J. Gabriel "Fop" Foster
	--> foster at boulder.Colorado.EDU
	--> University of Colorado at Boulder

Volume-Number: Volume 21, Number 142

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