Standards Update, IEEE 1003.10 and 1003.15: Supercomputing and Batch

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   IEEE 1003.10 and 1003.15: Supercomputing and Batch

   Just before the close of the meeting, a representative of POSIX.7
   presented some questions about the current direction of the batch
   effort and its relation to the Palladium print system (the Athena
   print system used at MIT).  Many current NQS sites queue print
   requests with NQS, and there has been some interest in defining
   printing features.  That function, however, is clearly within
   POSIX.7's scope.  It is reasonable for POSIX.7 to question if and how
   Palladium and NQS are compatible.

For the record, there's an Internet Engineering Task Force group doing
work on defining a Network Printing Protocol.  I enclose the charter
of the group as I find it on


Edward Vielmetti, U of Michigan math dept <emv at>

Network Printing Protocol (npp)


     Leo McLaughlin, ljm at
Mailing Lists:
     General Discussion:  print-wg at
     To Subscribe:  print-wg-request at
Description of Working Group:

     The Network Printing Working Group has the goal of pursuing
     those issues which will facilitate the use of printers in an
     internetworking environment.  In pursuit of this goal it is
     expected that we will present one or more printing protocols to
     be considered as standards in the Internet community.
     This working group has a number of specific objectives.  To
     provide a draft RFC which will describe the LPR protocol.  To
     describe printing specific issues on topics currently under
     discussion within other working groups (e.g., security and
     dynamic host configuration), to present our concerns to those
     working groups, and to examine printing protocols which exist
     or are currently under development and assess their
     applicability to Internet-wide use, suggesting changes if

Goals and Milestones:

Done          Review and approve the charter, making any changes deemed
              necessary.  Review the problems of printing in the
Apr 1990      Write draft LPR specification.
May 1990      Discuss and review the draft LPR specification.  Discuss
              long-range printing issues in the Internet.  Review
              status of Palladium print system at Project Athena.
May 1990      Submit final LPR specification including changes
              suggested at the May IETF. Discuss document on mailing
Jun 1990      Submit LPR specification as an RFC and standard.
Jul 1990      Write description of the Palladium printing protocol
              (2.0) in RFC format.
Aug 1990      Discuss and review the draft Palladium RFC.

Volume-Number: Volume 21, Number 86

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