Standards Update, IEEE 1003.2: Shell and tools

Rich Salz rsalz at
Sat Sep 22 04:29:24 AEST 1990

Submitted-by: rsalz at (Rich Salz)

Reporting on 1003.2 (Shell and tools), in <503 at> Randall Howard writes:
>+ patch: This utility differs from many others; its origins are in
>  the public domain rather than in a traditional UNIX variants.  As
>  a result, many people feel that patch is worthwhile, but not
>  mature enough to standardize.
I find this sentence totally amazing.

Patch has been around far longer, and is much more worthwhile, than more than
80% of what 1003 has been doing ever since they expanded beyond dot one.

Can anyone from the committee who holds this viewpoint offer a reasonable
defense of it?

Volume-Number: Volume 21, Number 123

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