Standards Update, IEEE 1003.4: Real-time Extensions

Martin Fouts fouts at bozeman.bozeman.ingr
Thu Sep 6 01:46:10 AEST 1990

From:  fouts at bozeman.bozeman.ingr (Martin Fouts)

>>>>> On 24 Aug 90 03:28:06 GMT, peter at (peter da silva) said:
peter> My personal opinion is that *anything* that can go into the file system name
peter> space *should*. That's what makes UNIX UNIX... that it's all visible from the
peter> shell...

I'm not sure which Unix you've been running for the past five or more
years, but a lot of stuff doesn't live in the file system name space
under various BSD derived systems, nor do the networking types believe
it belongs there.  IMHO neither does a process handle, nor a
semaphore, and don't even talk to me about "named pipes" as an IPC

(Gee, I guess reasonable men might differ on what belongs in the name
space ;-)

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