Standards Update, IEEE 1003.4: Real-time Extensions

Chip Salzenberg chip at tct.uucp
Thu Sep 20 22:53:46 AEST 1990

Submitted-by: chip at tct.uucp (Chip Salzenberg)

According to brnstnd at (Dan Bernstein):
>The beauty and power of UNIX is the abstraction of files---
>not filesystems.

The filesystem means that anything worth reading or writing can be
accessed by a name in one large hierarchy.  It means a consistent
naming scheme.  It means that any entity can be opened, listed,
renamed or removed.

Both the filesystem and the file descriptor are powerful abstractions.
Do not make the mistake of minimizing either one's contribution to the
power and beauty of UNIX.
Chip Salzenberg at Teltronics/TCT     <chip at tct.uucp>, <uunet!pdn!tct!chip>

Volume-Number: Volume 21, Number 118

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