Where / How to get Posix Documents?

Eric Berggren berggren at eecs.cs.pdx.edu
Tue Mar 12 04:23:01 AEST 1991

Submitted-by: berggren at eecs.cs.pdx.edu (Eric Berggren)

vwayland at isis.cs.du.edu (Vincent B. Wayland) writes:

>Submitted-by: vwayland at isis.cs.du.edu (Vincent B. Wayland)

>Where and how does one go about getting copies of the various Posix documents?
>Are they available via email or FTPing?  3 1/2" diskette?  I also mean the
>various draft standards-to-be, too.

  They only way I have been told is through the mail. My original question was
how much, but this is what I received for addresses/phone numbers...

Computer Society 202-371-0101  (order by Credit Card)
Computer Society (publications office) 714-821-8380

Lisa Granoien
IEEE Computer Society
1730 Massachusetts Ave.
Washington DC, 20036-1903
(202)728-9614 Fax

Ed Palmer (Executive Director, UniForum association) uunet!usrgrp!ed

  Try these places.


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