What are Unix V9 et al. ?

Vijay Ender gill at boris.mscs.mu.edu.uucp
Sun Mar 3 02:53:44 AEST 1991

Submitted-by: gill at boris.mscs.mu.edu.uucp (Vijay (Ender)

I have seen several references to Unix V{8,9,10} and my interest
was piqued.  I have the following questions about them.

1.    What are they.  Are they the next logical step up from V7?

2.    Are they any good?

3.    Are they only for research in Universities or are they available

4.    What, if any, use are they?

Please e-mail and I will summarize.

-dicky gill (Violator)
-gill at boris.mscs.mu.edu

Volume-Number: Volume 22, Number 134

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