"long" options for POSIX utilities

Randall Atkinson randall at Virginia.EDU
Tue May 28 12:09:58 AEST 1991

Submitted-by: randall at Virginia.EDU (Randall Atkinson)

In article <1991May28.010441.13817 at uunet.uu.net> ONM07%DMSWWU1A.BITNET at VM1.gatech.edu (Julian F. Reschke) writes:

>I recently heard that future POSIX standards will document `long options'
>similar to those used in the GNU file utilities.

  The above is the first I've heard of such a thing.  The most
recently reviewed drafts of POSIX.2 and POSIX.2a, which cover the
Shell & Utilities area, don't seem to mention any such things.  I
think that you can purchase these drafts, which are still in balloting
last I heard, from the IEEE Standards Office in New Jersey.

  I miss the snitch reports on what is going on and would welcome any
informative (as differentiated from speculative) commentary on the
future plans for the Shell & Utilities effort (or other related TCOS
efforts for that matter :-).

Randall Atkinson
randall at Virginia.EDU

Volume-Number: Volume 23, Number 77

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