Bereft of torch, Jeff speaks

Peter Collinson pc at
Wed May 8 06:27:58 AEST 1991

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Peter and Stephe,

I infer from all the unwarranted flattery that you can both lie 
with straight faces, a useful character trait for the standards 
politician.  :-) 

My sincere thanks go out to everyone for the most stimulating,
pleasant job I've ever had.  At the top of the list are John
Quarterman, Ellie Young, _every_ snitch, Carolyn Carr, Kirk McKusick,
and Judy Williams, but everyone else with whom I got to interact just
added to the pleasure.  Thanks also to both of you for helping me
weasel out of the job easily without feeling too guilty.  

It's important to correct one thing in your posting.  At the outset, I
did all the work on my own time.  After a few meetings, Heinz Lycklama
somehow pulled strings to let me begin charging two weeks of meetings
a year to overhead.  This was both a boon to me (I don't work for
Heinz, by the way, though I suspect the time came out of his budget)
and a service to USENIX.  He deserves credit and thanks for it.  

> Jeff was properly thanked by his friends and snitches at the Snitch
> dinner during the recent IEEE POSIX working group.

Whew.  I'll say.

> USENIX thanks Jeff for all the hard work and time he has given as editor,
> and wishes him well in his endeavours.

"Get a British IR and a Canadian editor and spelling will go to 
hell in a handbasket," I warned.  But would anybody listen?  
Noooo ....  

With warmest regards and deepest appreciation,

Volume-Number: Volume 23, Number 59

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