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Fri May 3 09:43:52 AEST 1991

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The end of an era in snitch reporting is at hand. Jeff Haemer is
laying aside his quill as USENIX Standards Watchdog report editor and
taking to a more paternal role for a time. He was tired of three small
girls inquiring who the stranger was at the dinner table.

Jeff has edited the Standards Watchdog reports for two years now. As
many of us know from personal experience he was an extremely `gentle'
editor, helping us say what we meant to say instead of what we had
written. His editorials on standards were always well tempered and
insightful, pulling together the varied threads of snitch reports and
presenting the information as a more coherent picture.

Jeff was responsible for building the USENIX Standards Watchdog
Committee into an influential, bustling, nationally-recognized
organization.  The reports in ;login are undoubtedly popular inside
the Standards community and out.  We have Jeff to thank for pushing
things in this direction, in finding snitches and making their reports
available to the wider audience.

To do this, he used his vacation.  There are four weeks of IEEE POSIX
standards meetings every year.  Think about it a little, folks.

Jeff was properly thanked by his friends and snitches at the Snitch
dinner during the recent IEEE POSIX working group.  USENIX thanks Jeff
for all the hard work and time he has given as editor, and wishes him
well in his endeavours.  I personally would like to thank Jeff very
publically for all the help he has given me during our short

We welcome Stephe Walli in his place.  Stephe has just attended his
sixth IEEE Posix meeting; his first as snitch editor.  He seemed to
spend most of his time writing names down, so we will expect some good
reports for ;login and the network.  I also managed to twist his arm
to help me write many of the paragraphs above.

We would both welcome suggestions and ideas about how to present the
snitch information.  Stephe's email address is:
speaker!stephe at or uunet!watmath!mks!speaker!stephe. 

Mine is: pc at, if in doubt fire this first at uunet.

Peter Collinson
Usenix Standards Liaison

Volume-Number: Volume 23, Number 57

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