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Thu Jan 18 00:55:38 AEST 1990

Thanks to the many who replied to my query for a good book on system 

Phil Bourne (Howard Hughes Institute at Columbia) suggested the following 
book, which was then recommended by the great majority of those who replied.
Here is a typical accolade (from the first reply that came in):

> Get a copy of _UNIX System Administration Handbook_, by Nemeth, Snyder, and
> Seebass, Prentice HAll, 1989.  Not specific to SunOS, but it does have a lot
> of BSD-specifics which do apply.  Not that SunOS comes with SYSV style cron
> (nice).
> 	Dave Bristor
> 	dbristo at

I have gotten this book, and it is very good indeed.  Phil also sent me
a list of books he suggests in the bibliography of his own book, "UNIX for
VMS Users," but I've lost this list.  You now know where to find it, however!

Here are other suggestions that came in.  I haven't gotten these books.  Also,
I may have lost one or two replies.

> My favorite is: Unix for Super-Users by Eric Foxley (addison-wesley).
> Trinity University
> 715 Stadium Dr.
> (512)-736-7484

> Sorry I can't give a positive recommendation, but I would advise you to
> look around before settling for "UNIX System Administration" by David
> Fiedler and Bruce H. Hunter. (Hayden Books UNIX System Library).
> (In other words, I can't recommend it, but I don't know of anything better )-:
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> Check the Nutshell series. I'm not sure if that's the real name,
> but a note to ...uunet!ora!postmaster should net positive results.
> I have a copy of their UUCP/USENET administration book, and it
> was very helpful indeed.
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> ...Another book you should look at is: Unix Internals by M. C. Shaw
> and S. Shaw (Tab Books).
> If on the other hand you really have volunteered to administer a group of
> Sun's the book you mentioned is fine but I would sugest the Sun System
> Admistrators Course that Sun gives.
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> From: mark at DRD.Com (Mark Lawrence)
> There are good books (you should be able to find them at your campus
> bookstore) mostly about System V sysadmin, which SunOS is quickly
> becoming.  One by Hunter (green paperback) is what I cut my teeth on.
> -- 
>  mark at DRD.Com {uunet,rutgers}!drd!mark (918)743-3013
>  Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu

Thanks again to all who replied.


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