silo overflow

Marinko Laban ml at ktibv.uucp
Thu Jan 18 01:23:05 AEST 1990

Hello, world ...

First, thanx to everybody for their answer on my getwd() problem. It's
solved now ...

Another problem: We also hav a Sun 3/280 here, used as a file server
for our CAD workstations. The WS are connected with the Sun, using
SunLink OSI 5.0, and osi servers written by the WS supplier.

Lately we are getting the message:

mcpa4: silo overflow

and the connection with ALL workstations is broken, and they have 
to reboot. The UNIX manuals say very little about mcpa4 (and others)
and we can't find anything about 'silo overflow'.

Who can fill me in what a 'silo overflow' is, and (hopefully), what
can we do about it ?

Many thanks, please reply by e-mail ...

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