Openwindows drives me crazy. Help.

Anthony Murdoch ant at
Thu Feb 7 15:43:31 AEST 1991

smart at (Robert Smart) writes:

>I'd like to use Openwindows. Some of its features are quite nice. However

> a. I made the change I saw somewhere to have focus follow the pointer
>    (instead of click for focus). But it didn't seem to work.

> b. I have resources for xmh which give me extra buttons (makes it more
>    like the old one). The buttons appear and change when you move into
>    them but when you click they don't do anything.

> c. Xmh fonts and buttons look different from X11R4.

I too have noticed b and c (I haven't tried a).  I can cope with c, but b
is very annoying.  The worst of it is when you try to reply or compose and
the save buttons etc don't do anything.  This means that xmh can be nothing
but a reader.

>Any help would be appreciated.

>Why don't we create

There is

>Bob Smart


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