Openwindows drives me crazy. Help.

Eric F. Johnson erc at pai.UUCP
Wed Feb 6 07:44:37 AEST 1991

Bob Smart asks:

>I'd like to use Openwindows. Some of its features are quite nice. However

> a. I made the change I saw somewhere to have focus follow the pointer
>    (instead of click for focus). But it didn't seem to work.

I have the following line in my .Xdefaults file in my home directory:

OpenWindows.SetInput:   followmouse

Try a "man olwm" to see the values you can set for the SetInput
resource. The on-line man pages for the window manager, olwm,
should aid you to solving your problem. Note that in OpenWindows 2.0,
the release notes (I think it was the release notes) state that the
applications shipped with OpenWindows may still require a mouse click,
even in the focus-follows-mouse style for keyboard input. If so,
you may be SOL.

>Why don't we create

Try looking in, as a lot of Sun users seem
to post there.

>Bob Smart

Have fun,

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