Indentation (NOT braces)

utzoo!decvax!genradbo!john utzoo!decvax!genradbo!john
Mon Nov 8 15:49:35 AEST 1982

I always use both tabstops of 4 and indent of 4 with my original C creations,
via the vi configuration commands in .exrc:

.se ts=4     (set tab stops to 4)
.se sw=4     (set shift width to 4)

Although I am not compatible with the rest of the world, I find it to
be much easier to read lines that do not wrap around on the terminal when
the nesting depth exceeds four.  Actually, I prefer tabs of four for text
processing also.  Of course this means I need to alias all my commands to
conform to this, for example:

alias lpr expand -4 !* | lpr

                   John P. Nelson (decvax!genradbolton!john)

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