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utzoo!decvax!goutal utzoo!decvax!goutal
Mon Nov 1 23:48:01 AEST 1982

Mark reminded me of something about pretty-printers and all that.
He mentioned that perhaps pretty-printing was a job for the compiler,
in order to make it easier to keep the pretty printer up to date with
the language that the compiler will compile (Wow!  I said all that? @mem)
  When I first heard about yecclax, I immediately started dreaming about
all the wonderful stuff that could ensue by making compilers that way --
suddenly, the first pass (or two, depending on your point of view) of
the compiler could also be the first pass of a pretty printer, or a
syntax-directed editor, or a high-level debugger, or a program synthesizer,
or a flowcharter, or all KINDZA stuff!
  It appears, however, not to have worked out that way.
Can anybody explain to me why not?
  If this discussion should migrate elsewhere,
I will glatefully accept directions.
-- Kenn (decvax!)goutal

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