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utzoo!decvax!goutal utzoo!decvax!goutal
Tue Nov 2 00:04:11 AEST 1982

But wait!  If you had a practical pretty printer that could prettyprint
according to whatever style you wanted at a given moment,
you could get the code in the original style, edit it in the style which
helped you understand what the authors (and you) were doing, and then
put it back into the icky style.
  Yah, that's a big IF.  So were space shuttles in the forties.
  In another vein:  I tend to agree with you (Henry) that one style is
better than two, and in the absence of a prettyprinter as described
above and in the presence of code in an icky style needing modification,
I, too, would just use the style of the original authors.
(Although in the presence of terrible, awful, mean, nasty, yucky style
in a piece of code that didn't work, I have been known to reformat it
so I could figure out what was going on!)
  However, not all C code is Unix.  Not any more.  What with all these
microes and PC's and what have you, with C compilers popping up like
dandelions, a whole new generation is growing up never hearing but the
faintest rumour of a thing called a Unix, and a whole new crop of code
is getting generated by folks who don't necessarily consider Kernighan
to be on the same level as God.  (Oops!  Sorry!  Waxed motormouth there.)
That's not to belittle B.K., or even D.R., just to indicate that your
argument can go both ways.
  Pardonnez-moi ma flammage.
-- Kenn (decvax!)goutal

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