braces in C

utzoo!watmath!dssg utzoo!watmath!dssg
Thu Oct 28 02:50:32 AEST 1982

More!  More!  I love it!  (sound of hands rubbing in glee)
Pointless discussions are the only ones worth having,
and the hotter the better!

Personally, I favour implicit blocks denoted by indentation:

	if (s1)
	while (--emptybody);
	while (--onelinebody)
	while (--getthepicture)

Everything is neat, symmetrical, efficient, and compact; if you find it
confusing you are a user and not a programmer; and best of all, no matter
how much you may like the sound of "white space is at the programmer's
discretion" it is what makes software obsolete, when someone cannot read
your code.  Every programming job I have had has involved some sort of
coding standard so that co-workers could at least communicate their problems
to each other.  Why not make it standard?

The least it will do is eliminate interminable discussions on white space style.
				Mark Ingram

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